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How Much Does a Massage Cost on average in Montreal in 2022?

Average Price $94.50 per hour

How much do people pay for Massage Therapy in Montreal?

The average price for a massage across the 73 locations we surveyed around Montreal is $94.5 per hour compared to only $65 per hour at

Our handy price guide shows what you can expect to pay based on your location, the type of massage, and other factors.

What exactly is a Massage Therapist?

With family, friends, work, socializing, and everything else occupying our calendars, it can be tough to find time for self-care. You can improve your quality of life by taking time for a massage on a regular basis.

During a massage, a therapist applies pressure to soft tissues and muscles of the body in order to relieve pain or stress.

They can locate and remove critical points of tension in your body, leaving you stress-free and calm. Even though you may be interested in seeing a massage therapist to relax, there are many other ways it can benefit you, including depression relief, pain management, and improved sleep. You’ll be astonished at how beneficial a massage may be.

How much does a Massage Therapist typically cost?

You should consider how much you should spend on massage therapy before you get it. Massage therapy relieves stress and reduces pain, but you should know how much it will cost otherwise unexpected charges can cause more stress! The good news is that massage therapy is much less expensive than most people believe.

The price of massage is determined by the massage therapist, so it can vary. Using prices from 73 different Massage Therapist Businesses found on Google Maps in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we’ve compiled the following breakdown to give you an idea of the typical price per hour in Montreal:

The average cost (per hour) in Montreal is $94.50
The minimum cost (per hour) in Montreal is $45
The maximum cost (per hour) in Montreal is $185.
Massage Average Price Chart Monteal 2021

A Massage Therapist’s price is impacted by what factors?

In order to determine the price of massage therapy, the following factors are important:

The location

Treatment Duration

Massage style

Reputation & Experience

The Location

The cost of a massage will vary depending on the type of location and what part of the city you are in. For example, the suburbs, such as the West-Island ( including Pierrefonds, Dorval, Dollard, Pointe-claire) is relatively cheaper compared to Places like Downtown Montreal, Westmount and Griffintown.) Similarly you can find lower rates on the South Shore (Longueuil) and in Montreal East (Saint-Leanard). Also another important factor in determining the price is how large of a location it is. Typically large locations have more staff, higher rent and bigger overhead so that is factored into your final Bill. In comparison, home-based spa’s like are often half the price simply because their overhead is lower.

Treatment Duration

You should also think about how long the massage therapy session will go because this will affect the cost. Massage sessions might last anything from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. If you want to get the most bang for your money, many therapists may provide a discount for lengthier sessions.

Some massage therapists will even give you a discount on your hourly cost if you purchase a bundle of many sessions – it never hurts to ask! Let’s look at the cost of a massage based on its duration.

Average cost by duration in Montreal:

$47.50 for 30 minutes

$65.00 for 45 minutes

$94.50 for 60 minutes

$122.50 for 90 minutes

Massage Types

There are various types of massage, including hot stone and aromatherapy. You can expect a massage to cost anywhere from $47.50 to $185 depending on your treatment and the duration.  The following are some of the most frequent types of massage treatment and their cost.

Average cost of treatments across Montreal (per hour)

$110 for corrective action

$85 for relaxation

$105 for deep tissue massage

$105 for sports

Prices at (per hour)

Reputation & Experience

The pressure from a massage therapist is significant, so be sure that you choose an experienced and qualified practitioner. Otherwise, they may injure you more!

The more experienced and qualified your therapist is, the higher their fees are going to be. Remember that your therapist may be highly qualified in one or more types of massage, so it’s worth inquiring about their area of specialization. We recommend reviewing the credentials and testimonials of a therapist before scheduling a session.

How to Get a Discount on Massage Therapy Services

Don’t worry if you need a massage but are on a tight budget! Read on for our cost-cutting tips and tricks!

Inquire about price bundles

– Normally, you may negotiate reductions on bundles of numerous sessions, which lowers the hourly charge.

Look for savings

— When it comes to massages, you can often get a good deal if you search about and compare prices. Longer sessions cost more overall, but you’ll definitely get a better return on your investment because massage therapists usually provide a discount for longer sessions.

Choose a Small Home Based Massage Therapist

— Home based business such as Massage West Island have the same (if not better) professional staff and expertise, however due to lower operating costs they are able to provide the same quality of services for a lower price.


Although prices vary drastically across locations, ranging from $45 to $185 per hour, you don’t always get what you pay for. When deciding which Massage therapist is right for you consider the location, type of treatment, the treatment duration, and their experience and reputation.

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